What we do

Product, Front-End and Back-End Design
At this stage, we help define the product in terms of benefits, pricing method, data requirements, documentation, and user flow. We can create our own apis or use 3rd party apis.
This work usually is a precursor to the front-end design which depends on the type of platform used by the user (mobile app, webpage, USSD, etc.)
We can also design an evolutive cloud-based database to support the application.

Quote and Invoicing
We provide tools to generate instant quotes based on user data. The pricing algorithm can be fixed, dynamic, or provided via a 3rd party api. From there, we manage the conversion into invoices upon client confirmation.

Payment & Remittance
We provide payment gateway integration for thecollection of sums due. The splitting engine can then distribute the sum collected into separate buckets for the various stakeholders of the transaction. Remittance then occurs same day.

Our engine can generate or pull via api all electronic documentation as per requirements. Transaction confirmation and accounting documentation can also be generated at the same time.

Accounting & Reconciliation
Every transaction has an attached accounting journal which contains all the debit and credit entries for a given transaction. This journal can be integrated into any accounting application.

A flow can also be created for reporting and handling claims. A user front-end is provided for reporting and information gathering. An insurer front-end provides tracking on the claim handling process.