Our work

Web aggregation
We designed front ends for a web aggregation companies (or insurers) to be able to give quotes, take payment and provide motor, travel, life or import cargo certificates of insurance within 15 minutes.
The platforms can generate certificates through the engine or pull them from insurers. Claims can also be logged on the platforms.

Insurance agents/salesmen used to operate with a stack of forms or out of brick-and-mortar offices. Today they only need our app, a smartphone and access to a printer.
Our mobile app allows them to issue quotes, collect payments, issue documents, get paid instantly and notify claims from a simple mobile app without having to step into an insurance branch.

Corporate application
Companies often struggle to manage their insurances, keep their documentation up to date and track their claims.
Our desktop and mobile application allow them to have all their documentation with them on the go. They are also able to purchase motors, import marine cargo, travel, life, and health insurance for their employees from the portal.
In the event of a claim incident, they can notify their insurers at once and take pictures to start documenting the claim. Every time-, a payment is made, the risk managers are notified. This is especially useful for multinationals who operate multiple facilities across countries and/or have a large headcount.
The application also has a front-end for insurers and brokers to manage their clients’ policies and claims. It also can export accounting entries to any accounting platform and enables the accounting platform to be in sync with the production platform.

The reinsurance application connects insurance companies to reinsurance companies. It gives the ability to an insurer to send requests to reinsurers, receive feedback, and place reinsurance.
It provides accuracy of values and an audit trail to ensure placement completeness.
It can handle both facultative and treaty reinsurance.

We are populating a database of healthcare providers organized and ranked by quality of care and availability of services using several data points. Once this is layered over a user's insurance plan and geolocation, the application allows users to be directed to the nearest care facility based on the level of quality of care required.
A corporate application will give corporates a better understanding of their healthcare expenditures, which over time leads to better health outcomes by reducing costs, promoting corporate self-retention. and purchasing adequate or higher levels of insurance coverage. Telemedicine functionality will enable speed of access to care.

Bancassurance & Channels
We provide a full suite of apis which allows banks and other channels to access and provide insurance services without having to leave their core applications. They can issue quotes, collect payments, issue documents, and notify claims from their own front-end.